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Personal Injuries & PIAB Applications

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Personal Injuries & PIAB Applications

Road Traffic Accidents

It is important that you seek legal advice as soon as possible after a road traffic accident if you are injured.  Our solicitors will explain the process to you in plain English avoiding confusing legal language.  We provide an honest and direct approach and will be with you every step of the way to ensure the best result for you. In the unfortunate event that you do suffer injuries, contact clare-ann@benvillerobinson.com for professional assistance and honest advice.

Slips, Trips and Falls

If you have sustained injuries through a slip, trip or fall, you should contact our office as soon as possible to progress your claim for compensation.  Occasionally, your injuries will render you unable to work or you may incur expensive medical bills which can place you under financial pressure.  We will assist you from the outset to bring your claim to the most successful outcome as possible. 

Accidents at Work

You are entitled to a safe place of work and your employer must adhere to strict Health and Safety standards and provide training to ensure you do not incur any injuries when carrying out your job.  If you are injured in work, contact our Litigation Department to find out your entitlements and likely compensation.

Defective Products

Defective and dangerous products can cause injuries ranging from minor to the more serious.  Manufacturers must ensure they do not produce products that can cause injuries. If you are injured by a defective product, contact clare-ann@benvillerobinson.comfor advice on your consumer rights and entitlement to compensation.

Historical/Institutional Abuse Claims

Sadly, there are still many victims of historical and institutional abuse in Ireland that have been unable to take an action.  At Benville Robinson, we can provide a sympathetic ear and guide you through the process from start to finish.  We have a panel of experts we utilise for the necessary reports who have a wealth of experience in the area and will deal with you compassionately.  We can assure you that you will be dealt with confidentially and sensitively if you contact our office for advice. Please contact clare-ann@benvillerobinson.com in total confidence.