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Email Regulatory and Security Notice

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Please note all emails are completely confidential and intended only for the attention and use of the addressee only. It may contain information which is privileged and confidential within the meaning of the applicable law. If you are not the intended addressee, please contact the sender, delete the email and do not use it in any way. Benville & Robinson Solicitors do not accept or assume any responsibility whatsoever for any use of or reliance on this email by anyone, other than the intended addressee to the extent agreed in the relevant contract for the matter to which this email relates (if any). The views expressed in this communication may not necessarily represent the views of Benville & Robinson Solicitors.

Benville & Robinson Solicitors is a partnership with its principal office at Riverview House, Seapoint Road, Bray, Co. Wicklow. It is authorised to provide legal services in the Republic of Ireland and regulated by the Law Society of Ireland. Benville & Robinson Solicitors may monitor outgoing and incoming emails and other communications on its email and telecommunications systems. Whilst all attachments are checked by a virus scanner prior to sending, you should ensure that you also scan all messages and attachments as Benville & Robinson Solicitors do not accept any liability whatsoever for contamination or damage to your systems howsoever arising.

Security Alert:

Benville & Robinson Solicitors bank account details will not alter during the course of any transaction with you. Any communication purporting to come from Benville & Robinson Solicitors changing our account details must be ignored and you must contact us at once. Do not action any such request. If such communication states that details have changed then telephone us at once and ask to speak to a Partner. Before sending any funds electronically we strongly advise that you telephone the person dealing with your matter to confirm our bank details. Benville & Robinson Solicitors will not take responsibility if you transfer money to an incorrect bank account. Please always be aware of cyber-crime. Do not open or act upon any suspicious emails or those that come from an untrustworthy source. Emails can be hacked. Do not send sensitive information by email.